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Florida Fishing | Category: Introduce yourself

Toby2 13 years ago

Anyone on here that fishes Florida either fresh or salt? Due to having to sell my boat, I'm now confined to the shore but the saltwater fishing has still been pretty good. A lot of sea trout and some reds off the end @ Yankeetown. That is my favorite place. I know there are more places, but this place has some long ago memories.
Anyone else from Fl on here, hit me up and lets talk.

DannyPalomar 13 years ago

Hey Toby2. I think you posted on my post the other day. I have not had the good fortune that others have had during this winter fishing season. I fish only salt water. Its kind of sad but the last fish I caught was a 15" spanish mack. Off the 1000 pier in Ft Desoto. I didnt catch any other that day. thats also the only fish I have caught for a while ( i wont admit how long, its more embarrasing then a couple that have been married for years and never"you kno, DO IT") LOL.
I am not that much of a fish eater. I have only just gotten into it since I hated fish as a kid. I have had grouper/salmon and love both . I really wanna catch some reds and trout. Im giving it a break for two weeks so as the water warms up, Im just not a good enough fisherman for this cold weather I guess .

niffyi810 13 years ago

Hi Danny RAY from western australia here just joined fishingreminder reading your post about your weather where i am it;s been 40c about 105 old terms.To hot to go out fishing for any extended times.CHEERS RAY

DannyPalomar 13 years ago

WOW! that is extremely hot. I bet you see fish deeper down because of those temps.