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Uvongo trip | Category: Introduce yourself

Big Fisherman 1 year ago

Coming down to Uvongo on 8/8/2019.

Any news on the fishing and sardines

Big Fisherman 11 months ago

Hi Guys

Trust you all had tight lines this and last week and enjoyed your outing

Are Sprats good bait for all types of fish ?

Will appreciate your replies.

Tight Lines till then

itsaboat 11 months ago

Sprats are good for a lot of fish. I would not say all fish. They are like prawns a good starting point.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Big Fisherman 11 months ago

Thanks Itsaboat

Gave it my best shot this weekend but the fish did not play the game. (At least the Springboks & Banyana Banyan did)
Tried every conceivable trick in the book but Fishingreminder was correct in their forecast as last week was going to be a "poor or average" fishing week.
Just a reminder to myself, "listen to the experts"

Until next time, Tight Lines Guys

Andy O 11 months ago

Hi Freddy its good bait.. and half frozen makes it stay on the hook for abit longer

Big Fisherman 11 months ago

Thanks Andy

Will approach my local angling store and get more next time I go fishing.

Hopefully the fish will be around.

Till then
Tight Lines

Andy O 10 months ago

Uvongo pear in Margate south africa have always been a good fishing spot. With the right bait and tackle, you can really catch big edibles