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Fishing Victor Harbor | Category: Introduce yourself

Rob56 4 weeks ago

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this site, I am going to Victor Harbor soon and want to know what is biting around the bluff and what is the best bait to use.

Rob Cox
Mok 4 weeks ago

Went to Waitpinga bench and Encounter Bay yesterday, caught nothing but sand crabs at the beach but got a few interesting fish at Encouter Bay. We used squid and pipi as bait.

Mok 4 weeks ago

Hi Rob,
Waitpinga beach in Victor Harbour is famous for catching big Australian salmon. I went surf fishing there three times before but I never catch a salmon.(maybe I came at wrong timing) However there are many sand crabs and mullets around there. Goolwa beach near Victor Harbour is great for digging out fresh pipi(cockles/clams). Wish you good luck on your fishing trip there.

larry40 4 weeks ago

What kind of fish is the 2nd to last; green, above bucket w/hook in mouth?

Mok 4 weeks ago

Hi Larry it's a senator wrasse. They usually live near rocky shore and they like to pull your hook into rocks once being tackled. Colorful reef fish.

Rob56 3 weeks ago

Thanks mate, I'll give the wharf at the bluff a go and see what I catch, hopefully can post some pictures of tommies and squid. Rob

Rob Cox
Mok 3 weeks ago

Cheers! Looking forward to see some interesting catch from you.