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New Fisherman, New Boat | Category: Introduce yourself

samidel 1 year ago

Hi all, after growing up with fishing trips down south for herring and the odd tailor or bonito, I've decided to get myself an old pacemaker (1979 18ft with a 90hp mercury) and get into fishing around the North Metro coast line with the kids.

I'm very green and looking for more action as opposed to the odd big fish, to help keep the kids excited.
I would also like some help in catching larger fish as I have never done it and could get into that while the kids go for smaller fish (herring, tailor, skippy or maybe even some snapper).

Would love some suggestions on where to go, what to look for on the fishfinder, set-ups and anything in general. Will need to buy new gear for bigger fish, already have good set ups for herring.

Not needing to smash any prized fish, just looking to have a good time out with the kids, catch some dinner and enjoy one of the good pleasures in life.

Appreciate the help.