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North Canterbury | Category: Introduce yourself

Wayne_UK 1 year ago

Hi folks
New to the forum and from the South Island in New Zealand.
I live in North Canterbury and fish mainly the Waimakariri Mouth.
Was just wondering who else from the area might be on the forum and would be happy to share tips on Salmon, Kahawai and other species that are available in the area?

itsaboat 1 year ago

Hi Wayne,

Welcome to Fishing Reminder.

When I saw UK I got all excited. We don't have many people from the UK. But it turns out you are just from that rock pocking out of the water on the other side of the creek haha.... I am from Australia, so I am allowed to say that. haha

Mark is the Admin and founder here. He is from NZ. He and his wife are currently cruising around NZ in their new caravan. I seem to remember he said they were heading to the south island soon. They often target Aussie Salmon (kahawai)...I am allowed to call them Australian Salmon too

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
kingiFiddler 1 year ago

I'll share info on Kahawai. My information is the blighters won't stop stealing my livies. I wish they'd leave me alone.

Welcome to the forum. I'm from the Northern of those rocks itsaboat mentioned, just North of Auckland. Truth be told not far enough North, sadly.

My main Kahawai lure (if I can find a spot to catch them where they are small enough to use as livebait for kingfish) is the clear plastic part of a BIC pen. Too light to cast far but they'll hit it when slow trolling around them.

The world's a better place after a paddle.
Wayne_UK 1 year ago

Thank you kindly for the welcome, and nope, I don't share the Aussie vs Kiwi mentality, yet.
I have developed many Kiwi mates that go on and on about the "bloody Aussies" so I know exactly where you are coming from.
I have always believed that most of it revolves around rugby and cricket though, otherwise you guys seem to get on very well?
As for me, being a Pomm, makes it kinda difficult to fit in anywhere on either island, especially seeing as I grew up in South Africa and that has it's own set of rules with you guys.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome and banter and tight lines.

Wayne_UK 1 year ago

Hey KingiFiddler
Thanks for the welcome, and man I wish I lived up that way, the fishing seems to be so much better?
I like chasing Kingies, mostly with Yellow eyed Mullet, but have kinda given up in the last two weeks as the water temp has dropped to around 14 deg.
I live in Kaiapoi, so close to the Waimakiriri mouth, which, when the river is running clean allows for some really good fun on the Kahawai front.
Haven't managed to bag a sea run salmon yet though, not for a lack of trying. Coast line is too shallow where we live to swim live bait properly from the shore so mostly out on a boat when looking for Kingi's.
If you ever get down this way, we should go throw a line together, I'd love to pick your brain on some local knowledge as rock and surf fishing here is a little different from where I grew up on the Kwazulu-Natal North coast in South Africa.
Keep well and tight lines.

kingiFiddler 1 year ago

It was great fishing last summer but has been a dud this one. Very few fish about, except kahawai. Water temps dropped off a cliff here a few weeks back. Almost three degrees in under two weeks. Ironically that actually helps the fishing, because the kings switch back from the low-hanging fruit of the anchovie run (very sporadic this year) that peters out and settle back into chasing other baitfish, so our livies become more appealing again.

The further North you go the better the fishing. In the Far North, I swear they can grow marlin in puddles up there.

Micro jigs have worked well on kahawai up here and can be cast a fair way. I'd imagine they'd work well from a river mouth.

Even if you could float a livie from the shore under a balloon, is the kingi going to dust you in bricks anyway?

KZN is where my kayak was made. I searched NZ for over a year but couldn't convince anyone to make anything close to how good these kayaks are. Love 'em.

Good luck with the fishing down there.

The world's a better place after a paddle.