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SPINNING REELS ON FLY RODS | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

afzal280 12 years ago

Hey everyone

I would like to know what you guys think about the set up :- 8-9 ft fly rod with medium or light spinning reel and casting of max 2oz lures with it

i know its sounds weird but just wanna know everyone's views or opinions, After all fishing is all about trying new things.


tartan23455 12 years ago

Try it and let us know.

afzal280 12 years ago

i will surely try it out, The thing is i know in this forum there are lots of Fly fishing anglers who are experts in it so they will be knowing A-Z about fly fishing rods so they can give the demerits and merits of using a spinning reel on fly rod, But looks like nobody is interested in giving suggestions or opinions

another Hillbilly 12 years ago

Where do you plan to use this set up on a lake or River ,Ocean? Fishing is a sport , and sports only develop thru being creative, i would try this on drift for drift fishing , read about Drift fishing and see, i am sure some old timers have tried this , using longer poles is a good method for getting your Bait out there far.let us know, Aj

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
jonboat315 10 years ago

A few thoughts...
If you look at a spinning rod, you'll notice that the first souple guides from the reel are quite large, and get smaller as you work your way to the tip. There is a reason for this. As the line comes off the spool, it spins. Having the larger eyes prevents the eyes from "choking" your cast. The smaller eyelets on a fly rod will choke your cast, drastically reducing your distance.

Next is balance. Fly reels aren't reeled in on every cast. You strip line, then cast again without reeling up your line. You don't fight fish with the reel either (although a good fly reel with a drag helps). Most of your "drag" while fly fishing comes from your fingers on the line. I would think that reeling a spinning reel that is attached at the very butt of the rod would be very awkward to reel.

There are spinning rods on the market that have similar length and actions to a fly rod, which would be better suited for what you're talking about and would eliminate the problems above.

Now, I have seen people use fly rods, with fly reels spooled with mono, before. Casting is different from fly casting and from spin casting, and is best for short ranges. Also, there are "center pin" reels that are great for working a drift while fishing rivers and streams. The center pin reel is free spooling and allows line to pay out during a drift, giving your bait a very natural presentation. These outfits are a favorite among steelhead fishermen in our area. Just another option to consider.

There are always options. You can give the spinning reel on the fly rod a try, but I would think that there would be other, much less awkward, options to try first.