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fillet video | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

booyah 12 years ago

Hi Mark t. Booyah here, so I got a nice 5 min video on filleting done Im waiting for my son to figure out how to upload it to the youtube site then you can see it and decide if you want to put a link to it or download it to your site, not sure how all that works but Im sure we can get it done somehow. There are two fish filleted in the five minutes so it doesnt take very long about 2.5 minutes per fish and it shows a really quick and safe technique so every one can see and learn how easy it really is. Just takes practice eh. I will let you know on this category when we get it to where you can see it ok. Thanks !!

markt 12 years ago

Hi Booyah

Looking forward to see you filleting video.
Once you uploaded it to youtube I can embed it into my filleting page.


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booyah 12 years ago