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what does that mean | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

booyah 12 years ago

I tried to upload a photo of one of the fish we filleted in our video, that we caught on the 11th. It said "form already submitted", will the photo not get uploaded or will it get in the gallery?

markt 12 years ago

Hmm - sounds like you might have accidentally clicked twice on the upload button. thats why it says form has been submitted.
The upload might take a while - so once you selected the photo and click on upload just wait until something happens.
Also I would suggest to use either firefox or google chrome browser.

hope that helps

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booyah 12 years ago

Oh thats rigt I use yahoo and I gotta remember to switch to firefox to make stuff happen on this site ........thanks for the reminder,duh

booyah 12 years ago

I was able to upload the photos I wanted to get in from last weekend. Used the firefox browser and it works fine.......gotta remember to use that on this site.