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Kayak fishing | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

Gofish! 11 years ago

I am about to start out with kayak fishing. Any fellow kayakers out there who's willing to share tips on kayak type, gear, etc to start out with?


markt 11 years ago

Hi mate

Good decision to start kayak fishing
That's my way of fishing.

I can give you some tips.
Where are you going to fish and what are you targeting?

There are a few great kayak types.
I personally like the hobie outback kayaks which you pedal with your feet.
Great for trolling.
Or ocean kayaks - their prowler series is awesome.
I like the prowler 13. It's nice and short and easy to handle.

Generally if you want to travel further on a kayak you might want to consider a longer one. Like the prowler 4.5 or 4.7.

So depends on what and where you planning to fish.

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
Gofish! 11 years ago

Cheers Markt
I'm in Wesr Auckland minutes away from West Harbour Marina.

So I'll be out & about on the Waitemata & Manukau Harbours .

I'll mostly target snapper but am REALLY looking forward to my 1st Kingi!

I'll research your suggestions and check out the options.

markt 11 years ago

Hi Mate

I'm fishing the East Coast in Auckland with my yak
Only tried once in the Manukau harbour near Cornwallis.

Pretty difficult kayak fishing in the west. Because of the strong currents.
I almost got dragged out because of wrong timing. Was really difficult to get back.

If you just start out kayak fishing I'd suggest to first fish on the east coast, unless you know the area and currents really well.

There are heaps of good spots here on the east.
I suppose you gonna get a roof rack for your yak?

Once you have your kayak I can show you some nice spots if ya like.

Your best bet in Auckland is probably an ocean prowler kayak.
The hobies are super expensive in New Zealand.
There is only one dealer on the north shore. I got mine used on trademe two years ago.
But its an old model with several problems. Considering getting an ocean kayak when it falls appart.

You can probably get a good used setup off trademe for around 2000$
A fish finder is super useful for finding good structures to fish.
That would be the first thing you should add to your new kayak.

The best thing about kayak fishing is that it really goes well with soft baiting.
And its super fun to drift around with light soft bait gear.

I even caught a decent king fish on soft baits.
Good thing if your drifting is that instead of breaking your line it will just pull you around in the yak, giving you a chance to land it on light gear.

let me know you you get on with everything.
Happy to help you out to get started and get you some fish once you have the yak Gotta be east coast though
But if you know your way around on the Manukau - maybe you can show me some nice spots there

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.