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I would like to catch bigger fish | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

doyc 11 years ago

I would like to catch a bigger fish without using a boat. What normally type of bait being used... I am a beginner. Please help any professional advice..

mike_75 11 years ago

salt or sweet water ?

booyah 11 years ago

We (anyone that can help you) need to know where you are and what type of fishing you are doing. Reply and include U.S. or Australia or? also salt or fresh water ,depth, bottom (grass,sand,rocky) or a river? What are you using now and what are you catching? Some one on this site can suggest what you may
need to catch better fish. Who knows, you may be catching the biggest ones now.!

jonboat315 10 years ago

Knowing the fish species present where you fish is the first step. Then, researching the larger species is the second step. Applying what you learned in your research is the third step.

For us to help you, we need to have an idea of where you fish. Country, fresh/salt, estuary, pier, surf, lake, pond, river?

All of these things will play into somebody on this site being able to help you.