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is anyone local to northside of brisbane | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

sutty 10 years ago

any advice on some good spots to fish around north brisbane on shore n off shore i have a tinny 4.2 blue fin

Mondeuse 10 years ago

I'm at Strathpine. Usually fish the Pine River Deep Water Bend and the New bridge platforms. Am looking at widening my range a bit over the nest few months.

Contact me if interested

sutty 10 years ago

hi Mondeuse im local to the area bn fishin hayes inlet the pine on the carm days i
go for a run around the shallow reefs from woody piont to u bn going
landing anything nice

Mondeuse 10 years ago

Hello sutty
Not a lot of luck lately. Went to Hornibrook bridge clontarf platform today. No luck with line or crab pots. Water a bit dirty and broken from wind with a swell coming in. Saw a few smallish bream taken in 5 hours but real quiet. What about yourself

sutty 10 years ago

hi mondeuse
yer got out a few time on the holidays over crissy i mainly go out late avo n
fish into the night not many boats out then and nice and peaceful witch is why
i go fishing
caught some nice flathead there r always bream to b caught if u like them im not fussed on them got some nice crabs.tryin to get a night to chase some jacks but well see how that goes

Mondeuse 10 years ago

Too many visitors over Christmas for me to get out anywhere. was hoping to get something done this weekend but weather looks lousy. Have you heard of anyone getting squid off the fishing platforms at Hornibrook Bridge (oops sorry - Ted Smout Bridge). I have a collection of jigs from magazines etc and thought I might try them out. Believe there are squid about in Northern Moreton Bay. Just a matter of locating them.

sutty 10 years ago

I dont know of any squid bn caught i always wait til it gets cold for them.
best way to find out is look for the ink marks on the platform n bike paths
where the weed beds r out luck this w,end if the weather comes good.
take a crab pot u always get a good feed of crabs after the rain

Mondeuse 10 years ago

This wind has blown out any chance of squid for this weekend. Water too broken for them. I checked and it appears that March to October is the best time anyway. As you said when it gets colder. Looks like Woody Point early March. The crabs were not too good recently on the Margate platform. Might have to try the Sandgate side, although it is a bit of a walk with pots from the parking areas!! will have to get a trolley for them!!

noel.luxton 10 years ago

noel is the name i live at strathpine

Mondeuse 10 years ago

Hi Noel,

So do I. Where/when do you do your fishing??