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Other forum topics? | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

jonboat315 10 years ago

I just posted about winterizing my boats, being bummed-out that I'm done fishing for the year, but also getting excited and getting ready for hunting seasons. I know that here in the States, a lot of fishermen also hunt (we're pretty outdoorsey that way).

So this question goes out to all the members as a sort of poll...

Would a forum topic for hunting be something you would be interested in and would participate in? Maybe call it "feathers and fur" or "hunting camp"?

I know this is primarily a fishing site, but something else to consider... The same "Solunar" information that is used to predict fish activity, has been shown to also predict wild game activity too. A nice tie-in for this site in addition to many fishermen who also hunt.
I know it would give me something to talk about through the LONG winter we have here in Upstate NY

What say you, folks?

markt 10 years ago

Hi jonboat

It's a good idea.
Not sure how many people will find the hunting section and post, but I will add it and see how it goes. I will call it hunting camp, I like that suggestion.

You are right, the solunar theory works just as good for hunting and even bird watching

I don't hunt myself, so I wont be able to contribute much useful information to the new forum section :-(

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
itsaboat 10 years ago

I noticed the new section. Sounds good.

I too am not a hunter. I used to go rabbit shooting years ago when we were allowed to have a rifle. To much hassel and rules these days.

I look forward to reading the hunting posts. Not sure how many people will be posting since it is a fishing site. But it should be interesting.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !