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Going to Mersing for night fishing | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

zaki.razak 10 years ago

Hello to all experienced Mersing anglers.

I am planning a trip to Mersing Malaysia either on a 17th or 18th April.

As this will be my first time going fishing in Mersing waters, thus; i am gathering feedbacks and suggestions from those experienced Mersing anglers.

I am finding out for the below said items.

1) When will be the best Night Fishing to schedule, 17th or 18th April?
2) What shall be the ideal rate for a fishing boat for a 5 to 6 pax?
3) Where is the ideal fishing spots around Mersing waters for evening and night fishing?
4) What types of baits that i can use for a good catch?

I welcome your feedback and suggestions so that i could make proper arrangements and fishing gears readiness for this fishing trip in Mersing.

Thank you.
Thank you