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Auto Save | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

itsaboat 9 years ago

Hi Mark.

I just finished typing a reply to that recent burley question. I might try again tomorrow. When I hit submit, I found that my internet connection had dropped and everything I typed was lost. This has happen a few times to me.

I have seen some forums that have an auto save, where what you are typing gets saved every 30 or 60 seconds. Then if things go pear shaped you just have to click back and most of what you typed is still there.

Maybe such an auto save feature is possible and viable for the forum.


PS. It just happened again whilst typing this post...I have low signal strength.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
markt 9 years ago

Hi itsaboat

o - that's not good - bloody internet connection.
Really annoying when typing a long post and then loosing it all of a sudden.
Might be a good idea to copy it into your clipboard before hitting submit,
Then you wont loose it.

An autosave function is a great idea. I'll look into it.
I'm planning to redesign fishingreminder over the next couple of month's.
Hoping to get a new version ready before the end of this year.

During this development I'll be looking into the forum.
Thinking of replacing the current forum software with my own implementation, which would make it much more flexible to implement this kind of changes.

Cheers and thanks for your suggestion. Keep'em coming


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