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inexperienced fisher woman. | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

Char1234 9 years ago

Where is the best location in Black Creek to catch some kind of fish. I love to attempt to fish but have had no luck. I like to fish with shrimp or worms. I am not good at artificial bait. I like to use a bobber, if possible, so I can see and feel when I get a bite, IF I ever get a bite. (Lol). My husband bought me a boat so I could go fishing, I go out to fish but I catch no fish. What am I doing wrong. I have been in the St. John's River, the Intercoastal Waterway, Black Creek, Ocean Pond and I only caught one (1) fish in all those times and it was a Jack. It was gray and yellow. People told me it was not good to eat. Can someone give me some sound advice before I go tomorrow and drown some bait. I looked and it is suppose to be a good day to catch fish from 7:38 a.m. To 9:38 a.m. I am driving one and a half hours to get there to fish. Wish me luck.

markt 9 years ago

Hi and welcome to the site.

I would be on the water a a bit earlier then 7:38 just to see if the bite is already on.
If you don't get any bites and your'e on a boat keep on moving around to different spots until you get some bites. A fish finder could help to show you the bottom structure and find good spots.

If it's allowed where you fish and you don't want to move around much, you could also try some chum to attract fish to your spot.

Good luck tomorrow and let us know if you catch a big one.

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
Char1234 9 years ago

We do have a fish finder, but I don't understand why they won't bite. We are fishing on a 25ft pontoon boat, we do not have a trolling motor as yet. Still new to all of this. What can I do to enhance my fishing knowledge. Am I using the correct bait. I don't really care what type of fish I catch as long as I can catch, take a picture and put it back in the water unless someone wants to keep them. I just love the excitement of catching the fish.

markt 9 years ago

the best thing you can do is to go fishing as much as possible
You'll start to get a feeling for it after a while.

Also don't waste time sitting at the same spot for too long, if you don't get any bites.

If you don't get bites it probably means there are not fish around.

Keep on moving until you get some bites and then mark the spots on your gps, so you can get back later.

Also try different baits and try to fish them at different depths.

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
mcbuild 9 years ago

Frustrating when fishing and no bite! I've been going through the same. My solution was to bottom fish with chicken livers. Not my favorite way to fish but its does help.
Caught two catfish. It felt good too get a bite and reel a fish in! Don't give up and try some different things. Good Luck!

itsaboat 9 years ago

In fishing there is a thing called "match the hatch". What this means is simply match your bait to what the fish are eating at that time at that location.

Your shrimp and worms do not normally drift around. They are normally found on the bottom. So stop using the float or change the bait to one that does drift around. Even a fish shaped soft plastic would do better under your float than a dead thinks.

Fish hang around structure. Use your fish finder to look for structure. If the bottom is flat, the fish will be far and few. Look for anything that stands out. Rocks, mounds, holes etc.

When you are new to fishing it is temping to cast out as far as you can, or if you have a boat, to go out to deep water. This is a mistake. You will catch more fish in shallower water close to the shore, especially if there is structure like a jetty, over hanging tree or moored boats etc.

Do you ware perfume and make up? Yes? Wash your hands with aniseed soap before you handle your bait or any of your gear (rod, reel, hooks etc.) and before you go fishing. Any good tackle store will have aniseed soap.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
AllFish 9 years ago

Hi inexperienced fisher woman. What country are you in ? On a house boat !! My idea of a good holiday specially if the fishing is good .. you say you caught a black and yellow fish and a 'jack' .. too sounds like you are in fresh water !!!!have you tried fly fishing early morn OR early evening over a bottle of wine or two.. becomes interesting in good company !!! Cheers Allfish.

itsaboat 9 years ago

I had a look around last night to try and find a fishing map for Florida. I admit, I did not spend a lot of time looking, but there is not much on-line. Ask in any good fishing store.

Also, there is someone here that might be close to you. She said she fishes the ICW too. She is relatively new to fishing as well, but she might know of a few spots by now.

EDIT: this is her - Mholdenpvb

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !