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"My new toy" | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

fisho-24 8 years ago

markt 8 years ago

wow - that's pretty cool - so it shoots out the bait?
How far?

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
fisho-24 8 years ago

Fires frozen bait bullets out to 300-350 mtrs,hope to try it out again this weekend,weather pending..

Albertoo 8 years ago

Hello, Can it be bought from a store? what is exactly called if we can buy it online?

fisho-24 8 years ago

Sandblaster Baitcaster out of South Africa. Check out the Bunker up Fishing page on face book...

fisho-24 8 years ago

fisho-24 8 years ago

Biggest catch using my Baitcaster. 2 1/2 hrs fight and it was landed and released...

garfield 8 years ago

a bloke i worked with used to make his own bait launcher,also shot 350m-400m. basically just a spud gun,-pvc pipe and fly spray. said he froze his snapper sinker and burley inside part of a used silicon tube which was a neat fit inside the pvc pipe. didnt cost anything, BUT NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOURE DOING

fisho-24 8 years ago

Hi Garfield,
There are quite a few home made bait launchers out there that are achieving a good casting distance. I have to point out though the ones using propellant,ie hair spray and the like are actually illegal in most countries or you must have a fire arms license to use them. The air powered ones made from pvc piping are also quite good,but the pvc does tend to break down after a period of time "you wouldn't want to be next to it when it decides to blow up" remember these things are under a lot of pressure...