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Fishing spots around Auckland | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

geebub 8 years ago

Hi Guys, I'm a bit of a newbie. Any good fishing wharves around Auckland please

dazzling79 8 years ago

Mark Totzke 8 years ago

Hi geebub

Where about in Auckland are you?
The Orakei wharf is pretty good at this time of the year.
There are lots of snapper and even kingfish in the harbour until around end of March.

But the wharf gets quite busy as well.
Might be a good idea to try night fishing.
Try to cast out as far as possible from the end of the wharf into the channel.

It's also a good spot for squid fishing in winter.

Another good spot for Kahawai is under the Harbour bridge.
Good thing there is that you can park right next to where you're fishing.

When fishing from land I would suggest to pick days with major/minor fishing times either at night time or early morning hours.

hope it helps and good luck

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
geebub 8 years ago

Hi Mark

West Auckland. I have tried at Orakei but maybe at the wrong times. Going out Monday morning and will try there.

Thanks for the info. will keep you updated

geebub 8 years ago

Thanks for that dazzling, will give it a go. Going out Monday morning will try at Orakei and but if there's no luck will head over to Tamaki yacht club.

Will keep you'll updated