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Minor and Major bite times | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

geebub 8 years ago

Hi Guys. A quick question.
I'm land based and normally fish from wharves around Auckland. I fished through some Major bite times and caught just a few pannies and a lot of undersize snapper. Want to do a night fish but it falls in the minor bite times. a bit confused as fishing at night is good for snapper but with minor bite time. Will minor bite time affect fishing at night

itsaboat 8 years ago

The short answer is no.

Fishing outside of the major and minor times, does not mean fishing will be bad. Fishing tends to be better during the major and minor times but does not mean fishing will be bad at other times.

Give it a go.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Mark Totzke 8 years ago

well said itsaboat

I fish a lot during minor times in Auckland.
The minor times happen to be around high tide on the east coast.
So some of my favourite spots are only accessible during minor times.

Minor times doesn't mean bad times. Just means they are the second best times during the day.
The rest of the day would be the 3rd best time, if you absolutely can't make it during major or minors

I've caught a fish or two outside major or minor times as well.
But normally the fishing goes very quiet then and you need a lot of patience, which I usually don't have.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
ruste13 8 years ago

I find the Minor times to be shorter in duration but a more aggressive bite.

fishman 1 8 years ago

.... all on chicken thighs soaked for 2 days in fish and tuna oil.


EDIT by Itsaboat

itsaboat 8 years ago

Kelpie...Also so known as Bluethroated Wrasse - Blue throated Parrot Fish, etc, etc.

Thanks for the input. As I stated in my above post, fishing out side of the minor and major times does not mean the fishing will be bad.

However, these major and minor times are based on ancient fishing knowledge and observations. Tens if not thousands of people over thousands if not hundreds of years have watched, recorded, repeated and passed down the knowledge needed to predict the best times to go fishing...So much so that it is possible to predict the likely best times on a daily basis.

Fishing during minor and major times is likely to be better than at other times of the day.

I and maybe others would be interested to know more about your marinade mix for the chicken...I make my own from the juices from salting pilchards. If you like, you could start a new thread (topic) for it.

Welcome to the Forum and thank you for @#$#%-ing out your swear words. We are all pretty friendly around here and it would be nice if it could stay that way


EDIT: This post was in reply to a person that wanted to push the boundaries. If they wish to contribute in a civil and friendly manner, they are more than welcome to do so.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
fishman 1 8 years ago

BULL !#$@

OK...Let me know when you want to play nice !!