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New Fishing product | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

kenbaker 7 years ago


I am retired and have a surf fishing, boat fishing product developed could also move into commercial, developed over several years. Would be used and replaced from many fishing boxes. Looking for confidentiality and agreement to manufacture & market. trade name chosen. Can be from any country, low cost, several items in manufacture developed.
Hope to take it forward and all make $'s.
All the best
0064 3 689 1456

itsaboat 7 years ago

Hi Ken,

I think it is great that you are thinking out side the box and come up with a new idea. But I am not sure if Fishingreminder or any fishing forum for that matter, is the right place to be looking for business investors.

Do you actually have a patent and registered trade name? Have you actually sold any of these products? Those are the two first questions any investor is going to ask...Do you have legal protection and what is the sales history...

47 years ago I caught my first fish. It was off a jetty in Marrickville NSW. I was 5. I found a length of line with a hook on it and was dangling it in the water. Of course it did not work...until a man showed me how to put bait on the hook...and bingo - a fish.

20 years ago I watched my nephew do almost the same thing. He was not 5...more like 15...He found some line with a hook and he paddled out on to the lake on his boogie board...and came back to shore a few minutes later with a 2kg (4 pound) bream.

The point is. All you need to catch a fish, is some line and a hook...Everything else is just fodder for tackle rats.

I am not in a position to be investing. But I would be interested to see your product.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !