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Names of places i have set as my location | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

Aelna 6 years ago

hi there can you help me with this one... the current location written is fabrica PH yes it is a place in my country but not a known nor used name for the place if i am not mistaken this is in lobo bartangaas but i still need to check it out... can you help me correct this... need to have the ewxact name of the palce be stored in this...

thank you so m uch and i hope i wont be a bother to you

Mark Totzke 6 years ago

Hi Alena,

Currently we cannot change the place name in our system, but we're planning to add this feature in the next update.
Even if the place name is not the one you like, the fishing times will still be correct, as they are calculated from the latitude and longitude of the location you selected on the map.

We'll try to hurry up with our update so that you can change the location name soon

happy fishing

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itsaboat 6 years ago

Hi Aelna,

I get 3 results for Fabrica. If a map search is not helping try a name search, maybe one of those 3 will be close to you.

I also get 1 result for Lobo River which might be of help.

I have found that if you are in the general area, the fishing times don't vary very much.

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