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trout fisherman, new to fishingreminder | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

Bass Masterson 6 years ago

New to site and learning. I am unable to login under Explorer, must use Chrome, which is also new to me. I am an avid trout fisherman, but bass & crappie fishes between trips to Missouri trout parks, like MONTAUK & BENNETT. I also managed 2 lakes for the STANDARD TORCH CLUB FOR 25 YEARS. I've raised 3 sons ranging in age from 40 to 29, all are fishermen, I started them @ 2 years old with Snoopy poles with only a bobber & split shot, when they came to me and asked "how do I catch fish with no hook I then knew they realized there was a business end to the pole & were safe to fish around myself & others.

itsaboat 6 years ago

I have not heard any other reports of IE not working. I don't have a MS PC with me to check (I use Ubuntu). Mark is the man if there is an issue with IE.

That is a funny story...Not giving the kids hooks

Reminds me of my first fish...I was about 5 years old. I found some discarded line with a hook on it. I was dangling it in the water. A man put some bait on the hook and I caught my first fish. On the walk home I saw a cork hand line in a shop window and I nagged my Mum to buy it for me...49 years later, here I am

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !