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Landbased Fishing, Denarau Fiji | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

Craig-Lindley 6 years ago

Heading to FIJI in July this year for a "family vacation". I figure while I am there I have to do some fishing. I have been checking charters and they are very expensive if you are own your own like I will be. I thought I might give land based a go, but not sure of locations if if you are permitted to do so. I am staying on Denarau Island. Anyone been there before and fished from the shore? Whereabouts? Any info would be greatly appreiated.

Crazy D 6 years ago

Bro go and fish where you want and when you get there just ask one of the locals to take and just offer then $50 or you buy drinks, smokes and some tucker and you'll be sorted. You'll love it.