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New to CA/Ventura fishing. Need some advice | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

Josh Stiel 5 years ago

What Hi there. I’ve been using a leader line with a J hook and 2oz triangle at the bottom. Fishing with squid and shrimp and just can’t seem to even get nibbles. What setups do you all recommend? Also, is it more of a cast and leave it in the water forever or do you all do some slow trolling?

Recommendations are appreciated. Thank you

itsaboat 5 years ago

Hi Josh,

Welcome to Fishing Reminder

I take it from your other post that you are beach fishing ?

Squid and prawn is not a usual bait for beach fishing. They will work, it is just not common. Small bait fish like pilchard or white bait is better.

Shiny metal lures also work good on beaches. Long cast as far as you can and a fast retrieve. You want the lure to look like a small fish as it speeds through the water.

I am not sure what you mean by "J hook". Unless you are using a circle hook, pretty much all hooks are J shaped.

The sinker you are using...the "triangle" is a good choice for beach fishing....using a leader with it is not . Unless you are using a side cast reel like an Alvey, there is no need to be using a leader on the beach. The triangle sinker is designed to embed into the sand. It should have a swivel or largish eyelet for the line to go through. The idea is that the sinker holds it's place in the sand while allowing your bait to drift with the ebb and flow of the water. If you use a leader, your bait can only ebb and flow as far as the leader allows.

The normal rig to use is what we call a running sinker. Thread your line through the eyelet of the sinker and tie your hook on. You can use a snap swivel of course, but you want the sinker to be "running" not fixed.

Still on the sinker. 2 Ounces seems a bit large. That is about 60 grams plus the weight of your bait etc. Usually on the rod will be printed the "cast weight". If your weight is to heavy or to light the rod (pole) will not cast properly.

So there are some technical things you can explore as you learn. But for now, the 2 issues I see, is you are not using a bait that is common for beach fishing. Sure, you will end up getting a fish on squid or prawn, but pilchard is a better choice. The other thing, you are not allowing your bait to ebb and flow.

When I beach fish, I will cast out then feed out about 20 to 50 feet of line to allow the bait to drift around.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Josh Stiel 5 years ago

Right on thank you for your response and being so thorough! When you say run the sinker through the line and then the bait in a bit confused. Do I want the weight ABOVE the bait so the bait is at the bottom of the line? Right now I have the weight at the bottom. Sorry, I came from Mississippi where fishing is a whole other beast lol. Also, do you recommend any specific metal (spinner) bait?

Thank you again.

itsaboat 5 years ago

What ?? Mississippi ?? Think your self could have be born in New Zealand !! haha

Yes, I understand. Yes I do mean a running sinker...

The sinker you are using ie the "triangle" has a swivel in it, right? It will look like a small brass ring poking out the big end.

It is not the sinker that moves, it is the line that moves. If you actually tie the sinker to the line, it cannot move. But if you just put the line through the brass ring on the sinker, then the line can move. The sinker can freely slide along the line. That is called a running sinker...It can run along the line.

OK, so what happens when it is in the water...You need just a little imagination for this part...Your line has a hook tied on and the sinker is free to run and so sits on top of the hook. You cast and the sinker, bait and hook are all together and so hit the water all together. But the sinker is heavy and the bait is lighter and more buoyant. The sinker is free to run along the line and it sinks quickly. The bait takes a lot longer to sink. The sinker will "run" along the line as it sinks back TOWARDS you. Depending on how deep the water is, the sinker might run along the line 15 or 20 feet before it hit the bottom. Being a triangle "pyramid" sinker it will embed into the sand pointy end down. Your bait is then free to ebb and flow with the current and you can let out more line if you want. Your bait flowing with the current will look much more natural.

Yes, I can recommend a lure...a cheap one !! Don't get caught up on brand names. The cheap ones work just as good (unless of course some expensive brand name wants to sponsor FR then I will not change my opinion I will just not say anything). If it is really shiny like chrome or mirror shiny and within the cast weight rating for you rod, it will do.

Mark just posted a video of him "trying" to catch some fish. I know he doesn't show it clearly, but if you look the little lure he is using is perfect. Good cast weight and nice and shiny. Something like that is all you need.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !