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Assistance with fishing in Northern metro area of Perth WA. | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

Trytryandtryagain 4 years ago

Hi All,
I have only just started to try my hand at fishing, as my grandson has expressed a sesire to go fishing when he visits me from the wheatbelt.
\I live in Greenwood Western Australia and would appreciate any assistance in letting me know best places to fish from the coast in the Northern Suburbs and best times, best baits, lures etc.
Many thanks in anticipation.

itsaboat 4 years ago

Hi Richard, Welcome to Fishing Reminder

For best times, you are already here Just go to the main page [Fishing Times] top left of ever page of Fishing Reminder.

How old is your grandson? If he is a child, then any calm water will do. Bay, port, lagoon etc. Just use the good old standard prawn for bait.

If he is a bit older with some fishing experience then you might want to look at specifics. But he will probably already have an idea of what he wants to do.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Trytryandtryagain 4 years ago

Dear Itsaboat,
Thank you for your response.
I apologise for being a bit of a duffer, but I haven't done this before.
My grandson is 15, but living in Bruce Rock, has only had experience in catching Yabbies in the local dams and he expressed a desire to try his hand at fishing, and as I have had virtually no experience I decided to ask for advice, to try and ensure his experience is a pleasurable one (and mine too!)
I will check out the fishing times page and give the old prawn a try and give it a go at Ocean Reef Boat Ramp/Marina
Kind regards,

itsaboat 4 years ago

That looks like a good spot for a first time.

You don't need fancy and expensive gear. You can get a basic rod-reel combo in Kmart for under $30. Kmart also have "starter" tackle box kits for under $20.

When you consider it costs $70 to $100 per person to go to the zoo. Or even $30 each to see a movie....$50 to $60 is pretty good to get into a new hobby. And if you decide that fishing is not for you, you can always sell the gear on Gumtree.

Look for sandy patches. I see a few on the map. Just cast a prawn into those sandy patches and see what happens.

Oh...and take a small bucket and a towel. Keep your prawns in the bucket with the towel over it to stop the seagulls pinching your prawns . A little bit of ice to keep the prawns fresh would be good too.

Good luck. Let us know how it all goes

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
itsaboat 4 years ago

Hey Richard,

I was just sitting here thinking there is nothing else to I looked up some gear to get you started...

I used postcode 6004...That should be close enough to you.

Rod combo -,-boat-combo/2726835 $25 !!! come on !!

The "H" means heavy action...Way to early to talk about action, trust me . Medium action is better for what you want right now...but $25 ?? It will do the job...

For $4 more you get this -,-general-purpose-combo/1113357 $29 !!! 8 foot general purpose combo. I said no talk about action, but this little baby looks like a medium action rod....perfect for general bay, port, jetty, river and light surf/beach...$29 ???

I don't mean to sound like I am talking cheap...But you just don't need to spend up big to have a great day out and start something that might last a life time !! So, if you want to spend just a little more (impress the grand kid and make his Mum go 'oohhmmm') look at one of these -,-general-purpose-combo/1136804

I actually have one. Yes, I paid $49. I bought it specifically to chase bream...Yes even at $49 it is cheap and it is good !!

Kmart also have some starter tackle box kits...I say no more...Other than, go to BCF !! Tell the friendly person at BCF that you want a starter tackle box kit. Tell them it should be Plano and under $20...If they offer you a kids starter do NOT shy away. That kids starter box contains everything (maybe not a knife) that you need to get tell them you want a bait knife included !!

The only other thing you need to know to go fishing is how to tie a knot. Netknots is good -

This, what Netknots calls a clinch knot, is all you need to start fishing. I use a "locked" version of this knot where the tag is passed twice through the loop. It is called a trilene knot -

OOOPPPS I think I have to come back and edit cos the URL links wont work Hang on...edit the edit...looks like the links do work....???

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Trytryandtryagain 4 years ago

Dear itsaboat,
Thank you once again for your advice.
I took your advice and bought a couple of basic rod-reel combos from K Mart and also a tackle box. We gave it a go, but were only successful in catching Blowies, but at least we caught something!
I apologise for the delay in getting back to you, but my computer decided to part company with the internet - I now have a new one.

Trytryandtryagain 4 years ago

Dear itsaboat,
Thanks again. I did buy the rods and tackle from KMart and as you stated, its not an unreasonable price to pay for a bit of fun - and we had that in abundance, even if we only caught blowies!
Your advice in knots was also helpful, inasmuch as none of the knots gave way - so a success.
Best wishes,