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Mark, or Its a boat(that old guy) "Proper written times" | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

booyah 4 years ago

Did you fellas (thats western for "mates") ever notice on the mobile app for android, the major minor times are written as 07:45 p.m. ? That should read as
19 45hrs. The ones I looked at were that way......its a bit confusing on the pm side. The "0" is fot am......and
the pm should be 1300 , 1400, 1500, etc. etc. or later if its pm. Other than that how are you ladies doing?
? Hope you had a nice Christmas / NewYear.

itsaboat 4 years ago

Hey Booyah...Long time no hear

We are having some pretty big fires here in Aus.

Things are going OK for me. I bought a house !! First one for me. Not near the coast but we have river fishing. Can't get out to fish with these fires, it is just to risky.

Hows the knitting going ? haha

Yes, I see what you mean. It should be 7:45 pm on a 12 hour clock OR 1945 hrs on a 24 hour clock. The 0 should not be there. The 0 should only be used on a 24 hour clock for "a.m" times. eg 0745 hrs is the same as 7:45 am.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Mark Totzke 4 years ago

Hey booyah,

Glad to hear that you're still around ?
Hope you had a great New Year too. You still get to do a bit of fishing these days?

07:45 pm is how we computer geeks write it so that there are always 4 digits and the formatting always looks the same.
Didn't seem to bother anyone for the past 10 years... until now that is, LOL
I'll have to look into it and perhaps remove the 0 there.

But if you're comfortable with military time as you guys call it over there, you can change that in the settings of the app. Just change from imperial to metric settings.
Then you'll get 19:45 instead of 07:45 pm

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
booyah 4 years ago

So this is the new project,
I will be working on it till I get it just right with all the goodies Its actually my oldest son's rig but I get to use it. After I get it put together the way we need it. So yah we are doing some line wetting…...I'll look into getting those time settings changed on my end stay wet out there with the fires......

booyah 4 years ago

I sent a different reply to M.T. with a pic of the new project fishing platform.... good to hear from you guys! you're gonna have to keep those pants wet and don't get to crispy with all those fires, we heard there have been some arrests over the setting of fires...…..that's really sad that someone felt the need to set fire to the place. Anyway congrats on the house! it should be a good investment. I've been told I can set up mil time on my phone app so Im gonna do that now. C YA!!

itsaboat 4 years ago

Looks like a good project

My house is about 60km south west of Wagga Wagga....This fire from the north most point to the south most point is about 200 to 240km (in a straight line). So about 125 to 150 miles...And what you see in this image is only the NSW side. Have to go to the VIC website to see the rest of it....and this is just one...Basically, we have fires with thousands of KM (and miles) of fire front. Just what is shown here is every bit of 1000km perimeter line...

Yes, 24 confirmed arrests so far. Confirmed that at least 40% of these fires are deliberate arson. Un-confirmed possibly upto 80%.

Confirmed 27 deaths so far (as at yesterday afternoon). Getting close to 2500 homes lost. We are now counting in the BILLIONS of animals lost, wildlife and livestock. Entire timber plantations gone...It could be months before the full damage is known...

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
booyah 4 years ago

Well mate, I got my settings correct for the major minor fishing times.....a good case of dumbass user error? Thats what happens when one stays off the site for too long, gotta get re trained . I sure hope they put those responsible for the fires under the jail n throw away the key. Thats just pathetic ....with the event of huge, and deadly fires, maybe the govt needs to look into a larger fleet of fire retardant aircraft. With such a large area to cover it could be helpful. Take care n stay safe!

Mark Totzke 4 years ago

Hey booyah,

Good it's working now as you wanted. Didn't think you'd be using the 24 hour clock in your part of the world.
That's a pretty sweet boat you got there.
What happened to the old one?

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 4 years ago

Staying away from FR for to long is bad for your health

We already have more aircraft than we can use.

Aircraft can only be used if conditions are right. Once a few small fires merge and become bigger...the less chance of using aircraft. They will use aircraft if a town is directly under threat but it is incredibly dangerous. These fires actually create their own weather. They are so hot and big that new weather patterns form in and around them, which makes it almost impossible to get an aircraft near them.

On top of that, flying a plane is just like driving a car...the pilot looks out the window. With all the smoke you cannot see. Which means if you put one aircraft up then all the others must stay on the ground because they cannot see each other.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
booyah 4 years ago

I sold the old one to get this....

itsaboat 4 years ago
booyah 4 years ago

You guys and your wacky weather.....I know the fires were something non natural....but now dust storms and large hail storms? Hope there are no floods!
You n Mark take care now ! Let me know if yo need a inflatable ducky ....I ship you a couple.?

itsaboat 4 years ago

Mark might like a ducky...I got an alien haha

Yeah the weather is Australia.

The fires are still burning and will be for quite some time. The rain has helped get most to "watch and act" or "under control". From what I know, there are no fires at "emergency" level ATM. But, tomorrow has warnings for Victoria and Kangaroo Island is on alert for flare ups on Thurs.

The death toll is now at 29 with NSW having the most deaths at 21.

The fires are natural...Be careful with what you read in news media !! Sure, this year is very bad. Worst I have ever seen. But being such a young fella I just haven't lived long enough to see it all yet

The storms are natural...Every 5 or 7 years or whatever it is, we get these summer storms. I lived at Moss Vale for a while. Every 7th year Moss Vale has a white Christmas. My last Christmas there, the high temp of the day was 2C and I had an open fire, wearing Ugg boots, beanie and mittens....and I kid you not !!

Again the dust storms...Broken Hill is almost famous for its' dust storms...Mate, what you have seen on the news is media hype. We have dust storms every year.

Having said that, the situation is very serious. What we have gone through and are still going through is devastating. The loss of life, the loss of animals, the loss of crops and plantations. It is devastating.

These storms could have come last year or next year, but they came this year...It will be a long time before we know the full extent. At this stage confirmed mass fish kills have happened on the mid north coast (NSW). The ash gets washed into the streams and rivers and kills the fish, which of course upsets the whole food chain.

We will get through this

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !