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best fish feeding times | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

coastal tech 13 years ago

Could someone help me with my confusion regarding the feeding cycles of Elf and Kob, in Langebaan. I have been fishing here for 2yrs and notice big differance in the aggressivness of bite, all lines are drift with full sardine 9/0 hook and 6/0 circle as slider.

Sometimes the fish hit the bait hard, and then run, always the Elf just before the Low tide.
Then sometimes they dont hit it at all, same place, same time, same moon, similar pressures.

Then sometimes the fishfinder shows loads of fish on the regular fishin spot, but nothing bites, through tide changes, sun rise, but nothing??????

Im very confused with the feeding cycle of these fish

Anyone have a tip?

Esskie 13 years ago

Hi there,
I'm unfamiliar with the fish you are talking about as I live in Scotland but have you tried a different bait perhaps?

xtradry 13 years ago

Im just new to the site but basically if you can see them you can catch them all you need to do is trigger a response. Ive never heard of these fish before probably because im in sydney australia but its a no brainer find out why they go off on the low tide ....what are they looking for...what makes them get going...what buttons do you need to push. cya