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swim baits | Category: Feedback and Suggestions

dave70 13 years ago

hey fishing world i'm thinking of trying out swim baits are they worth it ? have you had any luck with em ??are they worth the price???i've read the revues the bass pro shops had on them just hoping to hear from ya thanks for any help on this good luck if your heading out

pitt 13 years ago

they are the new go to bait. try purchase at local walmart. theres several ways to fish them. walleye, catfish, bass lovem. try them on different speces

swpz 13 years ago

swim baits are great, have caught limit on stripper, hybrid, and sand bass. Not to mention large mouth bass as well. Most the Berkly swim baits are great there are several others on the market that work well also.

markt 12 years ago

how would you use those swim baits? I guess they are designed for top water fishing?

Gotta check out my tackle shop and see if I can get some to try it out.
You use them on softbait gear I suppose?

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
dave70 12 years ago

well i got some they are all hard baits they sink havent had any luck with them yet but i am not giving up on them yet

another Hillbilly 12 years ago

Buy some that float, for night or early morning, or cloudy, we were on a River by Dam of Bull Shoals lake,North Arkansas, my Buddy Caught a 24+ inches =2ft ,ok that is about 2/3 of a meter-Walleye, it was a very light colored lure,(white or pearl Colors) brand is Smithwick,top Float, and others make them ,about 3-6inches will do it,he used 6 lb line, med weight spinning outfit, cranked 2 then paused then cranked another 2 times and pause, alternating this , we caught Trout and Bass as well, some we used were divers from 2-8ft was July.Make sure to bring a few different ones and colors and be prepared to use other Jigs ,with live bait if the lures are not working, go to the local bait shops and hang out and ask questions ,read the local fishing reports and from the Fish and Game Dept.,write a log to learn from dates,conditions,types of fishing equipt.,what you caught or worked,anything special,locations,Hatching insects etc,just remember to have fun and don't expect anything, also read as many articles here, and other sites, there is a lot to learn, about the Fish you are after their habits ,buy local books on Fishing rigs in your area. Where do you go Fishing ? If you come to the Ozarks , you will catch a lot of Fish, come in Fall , very good time .Best Wishes and Tight lines , AJ

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.