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Best Tide for Squid Fishing? | Category: Fishing Talk

askFM 10 years ago

Does anyone know wich is the best tide for squid fishing?

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akuigla 10 years ago

Hi, In my location-Budva,Montenegro, the best tide is high.Another important thing is cloudy weather.Generally speaking about squids, they will come in shallow waters to feed around sunset and,after feeding all night, leave to deep waters around sunrise.

markt 9 years ago

I've been trying to catch squid at dead high tide around midnight without so much luck.
Then I tried on an incoming tide just after sunset and got them.
Saw lots of them swimming around the rocks looking for food.
Was easy to get them to notice my jig. Was fishing close by a street light.
This makes me think that the time of day is perhaps more important then the tide for squid fishing.

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
whesenius 9 years ago

well, most important is that you got any source of light in your spot. I use to fish in Pattaya Thailand often on squid. The best time is always as soon it is dark until 23:00. Then mostly the feeding time stops instandly.
the way i am fihing is to attach the squid lure 30-40cm above the round ground weight and pull it (slowly, the weight needs to stay on te bottom!)back in.
But Light i more Important as the Tide here..

markt 9 years ago

yeah I agree - light and time of day is most important.
I want to use my own light source. Do you have any recommendations.
I could get some sort of powerful halogen lamp and connect it to a 12V car battery I suppose.

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
pickers 9 years ago

so long as you have 2 hours of a making tide behind you things can only get better from there on.

mollymoke 9 years ago

Ok so what is a 'making tide', sorry maybe a dumb question.
My next question, does the fishing times prediction have much relation to sqid?

whesenius 9 years ago

For me personally is it the perfect Moment, when you got after Sunset another 3- 4 hrs raising Tide.. I caught most of the squids 1-3 hrs after Sunset.. my best method is by using a round lead and round 15 Inches/35-40 cm above the lead and roll the lead slow over the ground (if you have spaces for casts and a flat ground.)

Roland 9 years ago

well explained... thanks for the info