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whats your favorite lures to use | Category: Fishing Talk

fishingdave 8 years ago

hello everyone

just wanting to ask what your favorite lures to use

markt 8 years ago


I only fish with soft baits and tried all sorts of brands.
The only onces that consistently work for me are gulp jerk shads.

So far I got most fish on lime tiger, pumpkin seed and cajun chicken.

I fish mainly saltwater but also tried a gulp pumpkin seed in fresh water once, as experiment, and it promptly caught me a nice trout

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
sfranklin5664 8 years ago

Hi.. I fish for large mouth with Zoom lizards (6 or 8 inch only) various colors (Red and Black Glitter the most).. for crappie I use beetle spins, (love John Deer Green). I also use Hank Parker spinnerbaits 1/4 ounce..chartreuse color the most..

camz28 8 years ago

I like to load my slip bobber with soft baits and weighted jig head ..... i try to stay away from funky colors and stick with natural tones silver shads and so forth

while bobber is out there bobbin ill load up a spin caster with in line spinner baits or natural looking crank baits

not particular in catching any certain type of fish, as much as to get anything is a prize

been shore fishing lake michigan, illinois side

Rex Ursus 8 years ago

My three favorite lures are the buzz bomb #2 and #4 and #5. Period.

Bassinbick 8 years ago

I fish for Large Mouth bass and I like to use 6 inch Heavy rubber worms from "Strike king" I get some pretty big bass!

Ccampsey 8 years ago

Florescent green Mr.Twisters and red and white spoon bait!