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Catfish wishin not catfish fishin | Category: Fishing Talk

dustylee 8 years ago

Can somebody please help me i need a good recipe for catfish bait that i can use fishing on the shore not from a boat that works a river. I have stink bait that has blood in it and they wont hit off that and the fishing report here in north Texas says that they are good off cut bait so i have been using cut shad and all im catching is striped bass off the bottom. Any info or recipes will help alot. If anyone has tricks or tips they can give me is appreciated.

OBOY 8 years ago


dustylee 8 years ago

Thank you sir i will try that

pcain 8 years ago

Have either of you ever caught any catfish out of here what size were they? I'm thinking about trying the spot next weekend

OBOY 8 years ago

out were

dustylee 8 years ago

Ive caught a couple out of the red river but not keeping size. I caught one blue two years ago on cut shad it was about 5 pounds but no cats here in about a year and a half.

jrivers52 8 years ago

Cheapest is chicken livers, nightcrawlers work too. I have great luck with both in the summer months here in the Tennessee River.

dustylee 8 years ago

Thank you very much i will try that too. Someone was telling me something about strawberry soda peanut butter wheaties and some other stuff but i havent gotten the full recipe but i will try the livers i have never had luck with liver it never stays on the hook but i will try again.

jrivers52 8 years ago

Livers are tricky in a few ways; number one, they are incredibly hard to cast with trying to keep them on the hook, usually I only cast 50% of force than I normally would on shore, and on a boat I just drop the line gently. When I go for catfish I go off of a peer because the water is already deep so I don't need to cast far. Number two you have to be very quick to hook the fish because the liver can easily be picked off the hook before you even know it! I'd like to learn some other tricks with livers if they are out there, I never experimented with different hooks, but I'm sure some folks out there have.

For me, livers are great for baiting multiple poles to find where the schools are feeding and don't want to waste worms. I can get 1.25 lbs of livers for a dollar fifty, much cheaper than worms. Once I find the spot the fish are feeding, I switch to worms and fill my cooler!

Like I said earlier, that works here on the Tennessee River, eating habits differ depending where you are.

I use a very similar line setup to this when I catfish. Good luck!

rkrdeerhunter 8 years ago


Nanna Pearl 8 years ago

Pantyhose seem to keep livers and other soft baits on the hook. I have also read about a mesh you can buy from medical supply companies, it is used on burn victims. it seems to work good too. I have used hose, and knee highs, they seem to work ok.
As far as catfish bait... there are a million on the internet. I look at recipes as guidelines, and use what I have on hand.
Good Luck

darlene.ron96 8 years ago

We use cut up squid and have a lot of luck, it stays on the hook great so you can use it over and over, we also use cut up eel or cut bait, he larger the piece you use, the bigger the fish you get.

jonboat315 7 years ago

we always take an ultralight and a couple worms with us, catch a couple small sunfish (bream), then cut them up into strips 1/2" x 2" and use a big (5/0 - 8/0) circle hook on bottom rigs. When the meat's gone off the bait, we use the head, hooked through the eyes.

Works great for channel cats. I know guys down south that fish for big blues or flatheads using live bream hooked through the tail or under the dorsal.

The great thing about circle hooks is that you rarely gut-hook a fish. 90% of the time, they're hooked in the corner of their mouth. and no big hook-set required either. when they take it, they hook themselves and all you gotta do is reel them in.

jrmoore45689 4 years ago

try chicken liver or just plain old night crawlers,you can even try a fresh road kill

Mark Totzke 4 years ago

fresh road kill sounds like a good option and it's free too

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 4 years ago

The road kill we get around here is wombats and kangaroos...and occasionally a tourist...

That would be one big catfish to take a kangaroo or a wombat...

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
IrisCj 4 years ago

hi Dusty, i have a good recipe for a catfish but its a FILIPINO recipes, catfish is a special dishes or fish in Philippines.


ken1827 4 years ago

The best bait I have found to be really good no matter what time of day is the large shad guts
I use to be able to purchase them in a jar here in iowa. I had a bet with a friend, he thought he would catch
More catfish using liver then using my secret. Lmao. Let's say it was not a good day for him.

Anne Sanson 4 years ago

My husband uses small crawfish, when available. Also, we have luck with cheap hotdogs cut in chunks, soaked in chopped garlic and red koolaid. Sounds crazy, but they love it. Best of luck to you!!!

Wayne112 4 years ago

Bait shrimp

cheffrazz20 3 years ago

Hey buddy,
You should try hotdogs marinated in vinegar and granulated garlic.Then i like to sit them in the sun for a couple days and let them get nice and ripe.I caught a 25 pound catfish with this bait.I poasted a pic of it on this fish on this website.Check it out.Just look at the catches and you will find it.Good luck!

itsaboat 3 years ago

You mean this ?....

Not a bad catch

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
linda_stanley_82 3 years ago

Chunks of beef stew meat work for us. Stays on the hook, even after you catch the fish usually.

Shbry1 3 years ago

I use turkey livers and chicken livers. Turkey livers seem a little better. The key is once you get them if your not using them all up slightly thaw them split them up and put in Ziploc bags and keep frozen. The thawing and refreezing makes them soft. As for keeping them on a hook I keep a spool of sewing thread in my tackle box. Get the liver on the hook and wrap it tightly with about a foot of thread round and round. Keeps it on the hook and makes it harder for the fish to take.

Dale Roger 3 years ago

get a small piece of stake cut it in pieces about the size of your middle finger nail when you hook it go across the grain you can catch a few on 1 piece I've caught up to 5 on 1 piece they cant get it off the hook if you go across the grain

cheffrazz20 3 years ago

Hey try this .For big cats get some hotdogs marinated in vinagar and garlic powder then let is sit in the sun for a couple days to get ripe.There you have it nice stinky catfish bait.It works i caught a 25 pounder on it !I posted a pic of if title 25 pounder on this web site,the one we are on.

Rawhide 3 years ago

Go to Wal-Mart or any sewing store and buy you some thread that is the color of liver. Put liver on the hook and wind the thread around the liver several times and tie it off. It won't come off unless a fish bites it off.