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What can I catch in Seal Beach, CA in August | Category: Fishing Talk

askFM 11 years ago

Anyone knows what kinds of fishes we have this time of the year in Seal Beach, CA?

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chivato454 11 years ago

well i just went this past week and caught some smelt to use as live bait which lead to a halibut about 20 inches so he went back in the water. we also caught a bunch of mackarel. a sting ray and some croakers and bullheads.. have heard from people that several large bat rays have been caught within the past week one was 120 pounds another 90 pounds and so on. you will also catch shovel nose shark which is delicious (the tail is where all the meat is). I saw a few catches but i wasn't so lucky. Saw some very large fish being caught but was not sure what they were i am guessing tom cod??? They were all over 12 inches.