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waiuku area | Category: Fishing Talk

zeebeey 6 years ago

Hey Everyone

Im new to this fishing forum. Me & my partner love to go fishing we are from west Auckland and don't have a boat so for us its all about wharf fishing, rock fishing etc

We are heading out to waiuku and just wanted to know if any1 knew of any fishing spots out those ways?

I know there is a boat ramp out by Glenbrook beach but weather u can fish off there im unsure.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


markt 6 years ago

Hi mate

Did you catch some nice fish out there?

I know that the Karioitahi beach is quite popular for surf fishing.
If you got a 4WD you can drive all the way to the Waikato River mouth.
Lots of BIG Kahawai around there and all sorts of other fish


If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
anonymous 6 years ago

hey we never ended up heading out those ways in the end.

we don't have a 4wd and still a bit confused on where we could go ha

AllFish 6 years ago

Have you got an Auckland Road Map Great Southern Motorway to Karaka turn off then follow your nose all the way to Waiuku from there to Karioitahi Beach out on the coast.. nice out there in the summer

AllFish 6 years ago

Hi ZeeBeey,
You could try there but would only be at incoming to high tide .. any where out that way past Waiuku is pretty good surf casting and If you like a challenge go right out to the Manukau Heads on that Southern side to the channel where the ships come in.. fast water on in coming and out going tides but plenty good fish..

markt 6 years ago

thanks for the tips All. Manukau Heads is really good for fishing. Quite a long drive from Waiuku.

Without a 4WD and if you don't mind a bit of climbing down a steep sand slope, there is also another way to get to the Waikato River mouth and down to the beach.

Here is a google map with directions

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
AllFish 6 years ago

North side of Manukau entrance via West Auckland and Huia to the end of the road a short walk to the West coast beach and down the beach to the South to the entrance which changes quite a bit but you can't walk far East on the North side as too dangerous and VERY deep fast flowing with the tides in and out BUT good fishing at High Tide ....