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ice fishing for perch | Category: Fishing Talk

raouldiggler 13 years ago

does anyone have any advice on what to use for fishing perch?and how? i live on a 40 acre stocked lake with rainbow trout and invasive perch that i am allowed to keep.(ice fishing)

danhulk 13 years ago

i use wax worm on small jig or swedish pimple with wax worm.then when i caught one i use the eye of the perch on the swedish pimple works great.dan

Capt. Larry 13 years ago

We don't do much ice fishing here in Texas. The perch you are referring to may not be the fish that we call perch. We have bluegill here which is a member of the sunfish family. I would think you catch them in much the same way. We use a very small cricket hook with a long shank. The long shank helps in removing the hook. We use night crawler worms.....they are long and fat so we just use about an inch of the worm at a time. You may even find that the perch will take whole kernel corn. Trout should hit the corn too. We set up with small float and a bobber-stoper. This way when we find the preferred depth, it will go to that depth each time.

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danceswithperch 13 years ago

Try a small glow jig and tip it with a small minnow. I've found by hooking the minnow in near the tail is the best way to get a lot of action.