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tips for land based shark fishing | Category: Fishing Talk

McNaughty 4 years ago

Hey all new member here. Been using the site for many months but decided to make an account for reminders.
Anyway enough of that, I've recently had an interest in shark fishing from shore and after your collective knowledge on the best methods, combo's and rigs that work for you. Any hints, tips and advice will be welcome as im new to this aspect of fishing..

Mark Totzke 4 years ago

Hi McNaughty,

hope you'll enjoy the reminders.
We got quite a few shark fishermen here.
Also check out the photo section for shark pictures.
If you leave a comment on any of those pictures, the guys who uploaded the pictures will get a notification and might be able to give you some tips on what methods and rigs they used.

happy fishing and looking forward to hear how you get on with the shark fishing.
always exciting to learn something new.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
Wasted seaman 4 years ago

I do a lot of shark fishing in South Africa, Ideally we catch from the shore using a 14 ft Graphite rod and a Trinidad 30 or 50 Shimano reel. Use .50 to .55 line and a Maxima 1mm leader. The trace for a throw bait is from a Diachi ten 0 up to a 14 0 hook. Small yellow tail baits work well here, fillet yellow tail to the bone and slice to the gills both sides then flap the fillets over the head and tie with ghost cotton. one hook through the pectoral fin and one through the hard mouth . We target Spotted Ragged tooth Sharks and Bronze Whalers and the ever so strong grey sharks

garfield 3 years ago

gidday bloke, the smaller sharks taste nice and while i'm sure it's good fun to be catching such large fish, i can't help but wonder what happens to a fish of the size in your photo?? it looks too large to eat, so hopefully you are responsible and able to return it to the water to catch another day?