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Winter fishing | Category: Fishing Talk

finhead 4 years ago

Gota love winter fishing.....cold but rewarding!!!

itsaboat 4 years ago

Nice catch.

You are not wrong about it being cold. I am right in the middle of the server weather warning zone. The wind chill is about minus 12 to 15 I think.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
finhead 4 years ago

Now thats cold...hope you have some really really warm cloths and a bottle of port to keep uha going.... fish would be snap frozen at that temp.

itsaboat 4 years ago

Sure is. The wind has stopped so the temp has come up a bit. Official 1c at 8am...but you don't get ice on the roof at 1c.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
McNaughty 4 years ago

Sweet catch fin head, would have been a good bit of tug of war.. Im still aiming to crack my first, only im land based mostly. Mind if i ask what kind of rig you used?

Itsaboat damn mate thats a kind of cold that freezes into bones. Hopefully you had thermals.. lots of thermals

itsaboat 4 years ago

Lucky I do have plenty of winter clothes.

I ran out off gas 2 weeks ago so for 2 weeks I have had no heating !!

I am relying on a small portable camping heater which is just no match for this cold snap. I still have to ware thermals, ugg boots, beanie and gloves, heavy coat and winter trackie dacks...and that is inside the house !!

ELGAS took it upon themselves to simply cancel last months gas delivery. Reason? There was water on the road. The water cleared in less than 24 hours and the road was re-opened. But ELGAS don't care, the delivery for the month is cancelled and that is all there is to it !!!

ELGAS say they "ESTIMATE" delivery for next week. That will be 5 weeks over due in freezing conditions !!!

Chris, the manager of the WODONGA ELGAS depot phone (02) 6049 1401, says he is not aware of any delivery issues or delays. He says he is not aware of any complaints, he is not aware of any road closures or flooding and he is not aware of any customers not getting last months delivery... In fact he is not aware of anything...he knows nothing !!!

So this afternoon, I am going to write to the Minister for Energy and we will see if Chris is aware of how to reply to a Ministerial Inquiry !!

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
finhead 4 years ago

No worries mate..... I use 80lb leader tied in a patanosca rig with 2x 8/0 ocky circle hooks 12oz snapper sinker on 60lb braid line...and sometimes we still get bitten off!!!! Mainly by big sambos.