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Surf Casting in Dubai | Category: Fishing Talk

samersamir 10 years ago

Hello anglers,

can any one suggest some good places for fishing in Dubai.

and where I can get the tides reports ?

thanks in advance

Happy new year

Roland 10 years ago

Hi Samir, what a nice catch you got. What place? Id like to go get one .. he he he .. u got it just this week?... Fish on....

Keyur 10 years ago

Hi Samersamir,

email me


samersamir 10 years ago

Hi Roland,
thanks bro. the place I cought this bad boy was in the palm Jumierah.

but u need access to the go there. I will try the open beach in Jumierah beside the Burj Al Arab. i think it will be better since you have a deep water and open sea.
not like the palm as its closed with 15 ton of water break stones!

samersamir 10 years ago

thanks Keyur.
I will do so right away.

samersamir 10 years ago

Dear fellow anglers,
you will need a fishing license from Dubai Municipality
Its free to issue and to apply go online
register your name then go to user permits , environmental, recreational fishing license, then upload your documents and wait for approval.
PS. You need to have a tenancy contract with your name in Dubai.

Keyur 10 years ago

dont worry Sam,

some of us have been fishing here for a long long time.


Magico majid 10 years ago

Hi Samer,

Well in Palm Jumeirah I catched some nice fish, but i always had to deal with security, so you won't be able to fish in peace unless you have a villa in the palm with open sea in front. I would said ghantoot as well but for the past year i didn't catch any big fish. Umm suqeim is not bad as well (behind burj al arab.
After all, the best for fishing in dubai is by boat, it's a sure catch...

Roland 10 years ago

hi Samr, as you said that this Dubai fishing license is free, just register... does it include non residence of Dubai but got residence of other GCC? Fishing is my hobby and i would like to do some fishing in Dubai... better yet with a license. Happy New Year!!! My fellow angler...

samersamir 10 years ago

@ Keyur : just for the fresh meat
@ Majid : yeah I have the same problem they even come by boat and catch you
I have never tried umsuqeim or burj al Arab area yet,, I believe both will be great since you have the open sea,, long cast and maybe you can get a shark !! Totally agree with you the boat fishing is nice,, but personally I prefer the surf fishing is more challenge and fun
@ Roland : I don’t think so,, I have heard two stories a friend of mine is living in Sharjah (no license for him) another one live with his father in law and the tenancy contract is not in his name so no license for him
Nevertheless, you should ask Dubai Municipality they should know better. Here is the customer service phone number 00971(04) 6066822

samersamir 10 years ago

Roland 10 years ago

hi Sam, thanks ... much more they will not agree in my case. I just hope someone will come up with an idea of making available those fishing license for those none residence by issuing temporary license , lets say , 14 days for 20 dhs. and can be bought at the petrol station with all those instruction.. just like in the in some state in the US. Got any latest pics of your catch...

Shortman 10 years ago

Hi there.

What type of fish is it and what bait was used.

samersamir 10 years ago

Hi Roland,
I hope they find out a way around this, or at least something to cover the complete emirates. cuz u need a license for each emirate!

anyhow, for new photos i didn't have the time during the last month to go fishing. (lot of work bro)
wish you all the best.

samersamir 10 years ago

Hi Shortman
the fish is called Shea'ri and I caught it using squid.
but recommended to use Shrimps most of the fishes will strike on shrimps.
best of luck

ssahmed78 10 years ago

I think you must visit to Dubai Jumeirah and Some places arround Dubai Creek., But Fishing Licence is compulsary

Shortman 10 years ago

Is it edible? The pic is a little blurred so I cannot see what type of fish it is. Not of the shark or barble family is it ?

samersamir 10 years ago

Hi Ahmed
my fishing license is in my pocket, and the fishes are waiting
where exactly in Jumierah beach?

Hi Shortman,
I dont know the name of it in English but its not any kind of shark i found a name of it in English and got the name from the supermarket.
the name is sheari

Sorry but i m no expert maybe the guy can help me and give you the name.
but i found this pic online, not my catch tho i will upload mine later

samersamir 10 years ago

and yes its edible see the pic after

and here is my catch

Shortman 10 years ago

Wow, looks good - I can even taste it.

We have a few fish that will look like this one and all are normally found in rocky gullies. Most will gladly take pilchards but some are dedicated shellfish eaters and one can try prawn and various shellfish baits found on the rocks at low tide.

We also have a super fast fish known for its strength and fight ability called the "steam train" or muscle cracker in normal terms.

Well done and please feel free to do it again, and again, etc.

yola 8 years ago

Think DM has a short time license for a week. Try to visit the DM abu hail area. Good Luck

romeoduquejr 8 years ago

Hi Sam,

How long did it take for DM to release your license. I got my application approved but they have not released the license card yet, it's been 4 months now. I visited abu hail center and they told me to just print out my approved application form and I this will do for the meantime.

Anyhow, I think Im stuck in Umm suqiem beach (along sand bags) need to find new fishing spots along the beach. any suggestions?