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Fishing on the San Marcus River | Category: Fishing Talk

kmjones9228 11 years ago

We have been fishing off and on the San Marcus River since the first cold snap. The action have been light but today they are strating to snap to the bait.
The catfish (yellow and channel) have been caught with nightcrawlers and occasionally with dead frozen shrimp. Not really putting effort into it. Yeah I have heard read and giggled at the person's belief that yellow only bite live bait. LMAO. NOT TRUE if it is hungry it will bite anything that smells, looks or acts like a good snack.
My 10 year old had purchased stink bait and I had to show him what to do with it and how to use it. After wittnessing me catch fish after fish (with earth worms), he asked me why I let him waste his money. I shook my head and simply stated that a man is going to do what the man is going to do until you prove them wrong, less mistake are made when you listen to your mom.
You see, boys are born with extra testrone blocking hearing canals and creating blockage in the brain causing it not to function as well as it is suppose to do.
Anyway best fishing to all this New Year, I know I will be doing a lot of fishing, my son is counting on it.