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boat fishing at Quinns Rocks and Mindarie WA | Category: Fishing Talk

charlie d 12 years ago

hi to all, and a happy new year.
i dont normaly wright any blogs on these sites.
i just sift through them to try and get the info im looking for.
and i normaly find the info im looking for.
BUT this time im a bit stumped.

i am a bit of a newbie, when it comes to boating and fishing.
but like us all. im trying my best to catch nice sized fish.
i am having some luck with the whighting, flathead and some herring.
but thats it, and they are not big enough for a fish finger most of the time.

i am following all sorts of methods for rigs and bait / soft baits.
and im finding that the green and orange funky chichen works well for me.

in my mad search for the fish worth a photo.
i tryed night fishing last night. (3rd Jan 2011)
i even talked the misses into it with my expectations of what may be jumping on the hooks at night.
i have been following the weather and studying the guides.
and everything looks Great for 3rd 4th 5th 6th Jan 2011.
how could i fail to bring breakfast home ?
well the weather was fantastic all day. we had a run up to Yanchep in the afternoon and hooked up a few whighting but i was looking forward to the sun going down to be honest.
the sun set was fantastic and the see did get a bit of a chop happening but it all sorted it self out before to long and it was very dark and very flat.
we set anchor just off the Quinns Rocks Reef, about 1.5 km out.
found a drop off. 3fa down to 6.5 fa
perfect ! its time to have some fun i said.
and we fished for hours and hours, and got nothing.
i still cant beleave i had such a poor nights fishing.
after thinking about it for a while now im left wondering !
why was there not loads of boats out fishing if the time was so wright.
i only seen about 4 other boats out after dark. and mindarie trailer park was empty. i feel like ive missing a key ingredient. where was every one ?
we gave up after 12 midnight.
im going back out today for a bit a day fishing.
wish me luck.
O Yeh !!!!
any help with my confusion would be great.
safe fishing to all,