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Topic: Fishing Times in South Africa | Category: Fishing Talk

Bumper 11 months ago

Hi fellow anglers . I am afraid that the forcasts given realy does not work in south africa. Even the weather predictions are way out. Eg. Todays wind forcast is 13km yet not a brease around. Several of us have tested it and found it inadiquit

Mark Totzke 11 months ago

Hey Bumper,

sorry to hear it's not working for you and your mates.

we got quite a few other members from South Africa here who are doing quite well with the predicted fishing times.
The fishing times depend on moon and sun, hence they are called solunar times.
The major and minor times are predicted for the particular latitude and longitude of your selected location and should work just as well in South Africa as anywhere else in the world.

The weather forecast we're using here comes from another provider who specialises in weather.
Usually it's quite correct - but it's not related to the fishing times calculations.

13 km/h wind speed is not much wind. This would be the windspeed you'd expect in exposed areas.
If there are any obstructions or even if you're at the beach behind some dunes and it's an offshore wind, you'd hardly notice any breeze at this windspeed. On top of that weather forecasts are always estimates and hardly ever 100% correct.

You could give the major and minor times another try and if still no success maybe just go out at random times and hope for the best Sunrise or sunset times might be worthwhile if you don't like the solunar times.

in any case, good luck and happy fishing

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 11 months ago

Hi Bumper,

Welcome To Fishing Reminder.

As Mark says, 13kmh is not a lot...Where I am today, the forecast was 8 to 12 kmh from 6am to midday. We have sub-zero temps so fog is the norm...but fog cannot stay when there is a breeze. The fog lifted today at about 11am. Maybe the hills or the valleys stopped the breeze from lifting the fog, I don't know...What I do know is there was a breeze and it felt like about 10kmh...I know because the wind chill factor made it feel like about minus 15c. If a forecast 10km breeze (8 to 12) is not enough to lift fog, then 13 is not enough to fly a kite.

I have stated many times over the years on the Forum...On a 4 star day I could throw lures into a bath tub full of water all day and not catch a thing. Would that mean the 4 star rating is wrong?

I am not sure how you "tested it". ??? How did you test it. ??

Once again, welcome to Fishing Reminder and I hope you find the information helpful

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
dawidp01 11 months ago

I've had days that it was "accurate" and days that blanked. There's no sure way of testing it as there's just too many variables to take into consideration.. temperature, wind, venue, fishing stress on the fish etc. I always use it as a guideline and as I've told my wife many times before, it's not a clock that the fish will sit and wait till exactly 15:21 before they start feeding and stop feeding at exactly 17:01 on the dot.

May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it.
Bumper 11 months ago

Hi guys thanks for your positive input. I agree that the moon has an important role to play. I am a pro freshwater angler. thus on competition days there are 30 to 50 anglers on the bank and this put a lot of stress in the water fish gets stupid wit all the different flavour hitting the water