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Topic: 268 Bass as of Today | Category: Fishing Talk

Rawhide 9 months ago

Well, were in the dog Days of Summer and fishing has slowed down. Caught 5 today between 2 and 3 lbs. Fishing friend got sick , only fished for 3 hours.

MrGreenbass 9 months ago

What state are you fishing Rawhide? I'm going out today with my son (5 yrs) and a buddy from work and his kids. I want to find those bass myself but as this website says it's a poor day for fishing. So come on blue gills!! Hahaha well congrats on your caught fish, better a couple than none at all!!

Wishin' to be fishin'... instead I'm on this site...
Rawhide 9 months ago

Well, I went fishing Monday and I caught 6 bass. I have caught 274 bass, put back alive. I live in Ohio. Going fishing on Sat. hope it's not that bad.