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Topic:Hi, Water still cold at the moment but it is getting warmer. Fishing is starting to pick up. | Category: Fishing Talk

VisvangTait 11 months ago

Hi from Port Elizabeth South Africa.
The weather is starting to change again and we had our first real rain in months.
May be heading out to the Swartkops river tomorrow for some grunter hunting.
Tight lines!

itsaboat 11 months ago

Hi there !

It has been a bit dry here in Australia this winter too...which makes it cold...I don't mind the cold but MINUS 12 C is pushing the friendship...The big man up stairs has got some questions to answer

We are now getting a bit of rain so the temps are above zero (for the moment).
Maybe this dry cold...cold...cold winter, will result in a warm wet spring and bring on some nice cod

Let us know how you go with the grunter. Will you be using bait or lures ?

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
VisvangTait 11 months ago

Well as things go we ended up going to work and not fishing... lol.
But my friend who did go had good results on pink prawn and pilchard bait.
We seldom use lures .
I think we are just too impatient?
My one friend have very good results on fly.
Will see what happens next week.