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Topic: Does this site reflect good times for ponds and lakes? | Category: Fishing Talk

MrGreenbass 8 months ago

I've been referring to this site for a couple of months now. On days it's says 4 stars and the major times recommended, I won't have much luck . But I get better results on average days at the major times. That being said I am fishing ponds and lakes around my house... I have not had the chance to fish rivers or bays. Does this site help more for ocean and river fishing than it would for ponds and lakes?

Wishin' to be fishin'... instead I'm on this site...
itsaboat 8 months ago

EDIT to my below...

The answer to the question in your subject line is YES.

The answer to your question in your post is NO.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Rawhide 8 months ago

I caught 15 bass today in 7 hours. It showed 3 stars today. Five of the 15 were during the major feeding time this afternoon. Most of mine were caught over moss beds , wood and near the shore from 3 different ponds or small lakes.


itsaboat 8 months ago

Good question.

The short answer is no.

It is good that you are keeping records.

I can think of many things that might affect your results from a 4 star day to a 3 star day. It might be something simple like the fish feeding on a particular thing on a given day. For example, they might like eating worms on a 4 star day and weed on a 3 star day. It might be that a particular food source become more active or less active on a given day.

I call it match the hatch. Basically, it means matching your bait or lure and gear (and technique) to what the fish are eating. I would say if your results are better on a 3 star day, then you are matching the hatch on those days, but maybe missing something on a 4 star day.

Of course, tide is taken out of the equation for ponds (and non tidal lakes). That might have a slight affect. But I have not noticed any difference yet.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
MrGreenbass 8 months ago

Thanks for the help, I'll continue the hunt with more variety of lures. Fall will be here soon and I'll definitely have to change my lures then as well. I will say with the help of this site, I have caught 40+ large mouth bass this year. No 10+ lbs. yet, but i got close with an 8 lb LMB! Thanks again!

Wishin' to be fishin'... instead I'm on this site...