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Good Day, Average Day, Poor Day | Category: Fishing Talk

JewCraze 3 years ago


I just joined in the last few days. I'm based in Sydney Australia. The first thing I noticed on joining is that the fishing times are categorized into Good Day, Average Day, Poor Day. I'm curious how this is determined. Anyone have any information how the dates and times are determined to be good, average, poor? I have previously read about tides level and moon phases, and I understand that rising tides brings in the predators that come in to hunt for bait fish etc ... but don't we have rising tides twice a day? So, why would one day be 'Good' while another day is 'Average' or 'Poor'? What other factors influence this? Would love to hear from knowledgeable anglers.

itsaboat 3 years ago

Hi JewCraze,

You caught me just in time...I was about to hang a pillow case at the end of my swag...not that Santa will visit me, but hey, you never know your luck...and they say the bait to use is a stocking or a pillow case

No, we do not always have 2 rising tides per day. In fact not much at all works with our 24 hour clock. If you wanted to get really pedantic about it, you could walk 1 minute to the east and you would have traveled 1 minute into the past. But that is only when the sun is setting...If you walk 1 minute to the east in the morning, you would be 1 minute in the future.

Our 24 hour day does not line up with anything (except man made stuff) that is why we have a leap year. Even then our clocks have to be adjusted every now and then because even a leap year does not line our clock up with the world.

Basically, every day and every tide is different. However, even though our 24 hour clock does not line up, sun, moon and tide phases can be predicted. Just like sun, moon and tides change every day, so do the fishing times.

Merry Christmas.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
JewCraze 3 years ago


Thank you for that linked article, that's awesome!

Merry Christmas to you too!


It also factors in the moon rise and set when it coincides with the tide at the most Common peak times like early morning and sunset, however for Jewies night time is the best time.