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A Tailor Fisho | Category: Fishing Talk

tuppo2491 3 years ago

Hi Folks,
Fished most of the East Coast, NSW, & Qld Australia. Yet to get to King Ash Bay NT (supposedly BARRA Heaven)... is on my bucket list. Now based Shoalhaven NSW, Australia. Best country on earth.
A spinner, jig man, been fishing since about 9 years old, appreciate more so now that our parents had a business which allowed plenty leisure times.
My Dad's business mates all intense players. Fished hard and regularly. Much fish from the beach, Tailor, Spanish (rocks) Jewfish, Bream when tides are right.
Always had freezer full.
Used to rock hop all hours day and night, any weather, any rock as long as it was a wave from the top and over, never a surging wash over the rocks [deadly] (back in the stone Age that was) .... hopeless nowadays, thank GOD for 4X4 on the beach.

BAIT: Mullet slab, salted Horsie, double rig wire -- 6/o + 5/o, Jew and Salmon and 4 x Mustad 6/0 gangs GARFISH for Tailor, never heard of Pilchards. A Grandfather that could worm like you would not believe even the [Moderated] couldn't get near him.
Guaranteed Bream, Jew, Pippies also.
Graeme, Keel spinners long gone. Southam Rods (split cane) spin generally one piece sticks, could skull drag the biggest Jew, well before the advent of Glass rods. Surfmaster, Seascape, Ocean City, Pfleuger, Penn,(Level Line, Senators (fantastic), Squidder (140 M) a fab spinning reel metal and plastic drum [mine 67 years old] these multiplier / overhead reels were the go, well before first of the egg beaters (Mitchells).
ABU / Garcia of late (#7000 #6500c) crap compared to original Swedish manufacture going back. Mason DuPont mono line from USA was king.
...... Bag limits ? ? Tailor ??? gotta be joking ...... just a memory. Four spin men, fresh Garies the tide on the make, good water == 150-200 green backs, whenever, over the sand hills or through the bush lugging the catch back to the car the hard bit.
Best ever choppers, four spin men, a box of fresh sea Gars 730 green backs and blue backs 3-5 lb in ten days. Actually as kids it became boring, "Dad can we go now ?" Unable to freeze them a Doctor fisho friend had miracle theory 'no fridge ? well paint them"
Latest invention string the fish on lines prop the cavity open with stick, swat the flies away paint the fish copiously inside out / allover over with LIQUID SMOKE.
This program wasted days and days.
Packed them in 15 dozen wooden egg cases with dry ice, interleaved with ferns, YEP that is the go.
Back home in Newcastle unpacked the trailer and gear on the front driveway.
Our Mother asked what was the little white things in and on these treasured little fishes.
Ah ..... well fed maggots ....... none ever made the freezer, dogs and cats came from everywhere.