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Great Bass Fishing!!!!!! | Category: Fishing Talk

Rawhide 10 months ago

Hello the world,
I went fishing again Thursday 5/10/18 the fish times said Good Day. I guess it was right , in 5 hrs. I caught 40 Bass, 4 pounds to 8 inches. So far this season I have only caught 110 Bass. It has been a cold Spring in the Columbus, Ohio area. These bass were caught in private ponds fishing only from the bank. Lures used were Senko - green pumpkin with blue , green ,and purple
glitter with a yellow tip cut to 4''. Mega Bass Griffin - army green back and yellow belly with tiger strips in yellow on the sides.
Bagley Crank bait - small fry bream yellow belly. Rod is 6'6" medium by a company , that is out of business .Line is Nanofil
12, 14, 17 pound test with a 15 pound Berkley clear leader about 5 feet. I tie all of my baits on.

In the last 8 months, I have had to have 5 heart stents and doing well. Doc says I can't use my boat or mow the yard any more. I can fish with others in a boat, but they don't want me doing anything that could put stress on my heart. If and when I die, I hope I am fishing. I am 69 years old and started fishing at age 4, this is my passion.

itsaboat 10 months ago

I was 5 when I caught my first fish...I am now coming up to 55...So I am just a youngster

5 stents !! Last time you mentioned it I am sure it was just 1...Take it easy....You don't have time to be mowing lawns when there is fishing to be done !!

110 is not as good as last year but still quite good. I would be happy with it.

You should do as the doctors say...Get someone else to mow the lawn...Maybe a young lady as long as she has all the proper clothing, steel toe capped boots, DZ Dukes and a knotted flannelet shirt...actually it might be better to just get Jim's Mowing...gotta keep that ticker tocking.

Take care of yourself, mate.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !