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Looking for a nice place to fish close to West Ryde Sydney | Category: Fishing Talk

LADY-ANGLER 7 months ago

Hi folks,

Now that I have left UAE and am presently in NSW, I am on the lookout for a good place to fish somewhere close by to West Ryde Sydney. Also hoping to find a good fishing companion.

Anyone interested, kind leave a message for me on this site.



Tjg 7 months ago

Hi Liz,
Land based or boat? Land based Huntleys Point Ferry wharf, the wharf off the end of Punt Road in Banko Patterson Park, end of Wharf Road Gladesville and End of Wharf Road Ermington at the boat ramp. All fishing for sport not for eating due to contamination. East of the Harbour bridge for eating including beneath the bridge. Tim

itsaboat 7 months ago

Hi Liz,

Good to hear from you again. It has been a while. How have thing been going for you?

I am not sure about fishing near West Ryde. You might have to try further east. There are some good spots around Manly.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !