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Barrier Trip | Category: Fishing Talk

Tight Lines 5 months ago

Spent weekend over at Great Barrier Island using Port Fitzroy as a base. First time I have skippered a trip and we managed a good haul of 40cm plus Snapper on jigs and softbaits!
Amazing place, great safe anchorage’s and the scenery is fantastic!

Photo of the trip - one of the lads hooked a very small snapper...which was grabbed by a very large John Dory that discovered its mistake far too late!! The snapper was released literally from the jaws of doom and swam off! The JD was not so lucky!

dazzling79 5 months ago

OMG! What an interesting photo! I thought you stored all the small fish in a special bag without reading your article.
I have never caught or eaten John Dory. It might be good fun to catch them with live baits.

ucsdsu 4 months ago

Wow, congrats! I dove the GBR a few times over the years but never had a chance to catch fish there.

I was fortunate to catch some on Frasier Island. You should check that place out if you have time.