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Where do fish go when big swells pound the shore | Category: Fishing Talk

JewCraze 7 months ago

Hi Guys,

When big swells are pounding the rocks and beaches it's not only unsafe to fish but it's also unpleasant, if not fishable.

So, in weather like this where big swells are pounding the shore where do the predatory fish go? Do they go out and go deep or do they come into the bays and hunt in the bays? Anyone knows?


JewCraze 7 months ago

Thanks for that link James!

Lemon Clay 7 months ago

Iv'e always had a list of spots facing nth when a big southerly sea is running, or river and creek entances ,you can fish the bottom or use a float or bobby cork, you can really pelt it out, the same go's for NE winds, just watch the spot for a while and know what the tides doing,watch after a big westerly dies down you get calm water with the odd monster wave ps this is for the east coast nsw

JewCraze 7 months ago

Yes I live in nsw, so your info is very relevant, thanks!

Lemon Clay 7 months ago

what area do you live in i may have fished it

JewCraze 7 months ago

I live in the hills area.