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Simple Chore sharp reminder | Category: Fishing Talk

tuppo2491 1 year ago

Few days back. Beaut sea Garfish, ganged 5/0's off the groin at Crookhaven River entrance, thought was bream picking guts out of the Gar. Couple picks, landed a 20cm Flathead, sure he hooked himself.
On cleaning received a pointed message. A 4/0 circle hook, bait attached with a bit of nylon line was in the guts of this fish. Hook was in my finger enough to get the shits.
Was going to give it away, just after I landed it to an elderly couple nearby.
Anyway took it home, into the pressure cooker 6 mins .... bones, bones , bones......never again that is why Tailor, Mullet, Bonito, Kings, Jewfish are the go for me ... bones in crap fish not for me.

itsaboat 1 year ago

Deep fry them until the bones go crunchy and serve with a hot chilli sauce.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
tuppo2491 1 year ago

There you go .... I was speaking to a fisho at Crookhaven heads this morning...
Telling about the !?*% Flathead at 20cm he said "Hang on the limit is 36 cm"

So another reason to throw the blighters back

itsaboat 1 year ago

I thought you were talking about garfish

Anyway, yes, 36cm for common (dusky) flathead. 33cm for bluespot and tiger -

36cm is really quite small. Anything under about 40cm I would throw back.

Mullet are also really good deep fried. They tend to be a bit oily so they stay nice and juicy. Just gut them and cut into 5cm pieces and deep fry until the rib bones go crunchy (lightly floured) and serve with a nice hot chilli dipping sauce....yummy

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
tuppo2491 1 year ago

I buy sea mullet regularly, flour, salt, pepper skin side down ..... great, or lightly salted, Dill / Thyme herb in the pressure cooker, 6-7 mins excellenta, plus usually salt some down for bait.

Cook Tailor the same way.

It may not be commonly known but Mullet is the only fish on the Australian market that it is totally useable, fillets naturally and guts for bait, the skeleton head and all else go to WA for Crayfish bait.