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Need some carp fishing advice | Category: Fishing Talk

Mark Totzke 2 years ago

I would like to try some carp fishing but have never targeted them before.
I know that most people who target carp use quite specialised coarse fishing equipment.

Currently I only have a spinning rod and reel.
From what I understand is that you can't catch carps on lures.
So I was thinking of using corn as bait or I might be able to purchase some boilies.
Then make a simple dropper rig and use my spinning gear for bait fishing.

What's a good hook size to target carp and what type of hooks do people use?
Would it be better to fish closer to the bottom with a sinker or suspend the hook under a bobber?

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 2 years ago

In places like the UK where carp fishing is really big, they go a bit over-board with the gear...But in reality, carp fishing is very easy and you do not need any "special" equipment.

Carp are bottom feeders. I have never heard of a carp taking a lure. I don't think a float would work.

European carp love nothing better than corn...You need some local advice on what the carp there like. There are different kinds of carp. Again local advice is best for hook size etc. I use a long shank hook just because it is easier to remove. As with all my fishing I use the hook size called "looks about right"....sometimes referred to as "that'll do".

I never have been into all that stuff has to be a 4/0 this or a 0/5 that...If it looks right, it will work !! So something about what the locals are using will be good.

There should be someone here with local knowledge to help...But don't allow yourself to be up-sold on gear you don't need. That rod you have in the vid would be a little light because carp can get big. But at the same time it would do the job. That little reel, if worked correctly, will handle even a large carp.

I look forward to seeing some local feedback.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Mark Totzke 2 years ago

a bit difficult to get local advise in English here in Korea
But I've seen a video of someone catching carp here with corn - so that should work.

What kind of rig did you use to catch the carp in Lake Bunga?
Sinker and single hook a few cm off the bottom?

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 2 years ago

I am at Lake Bunga now...I caught those carp at Greens Lake...get with the show haha

You should get yourself a Korean girlfriend to translate for you...Just don't tell ya missus...haha

On the carp rod I was using a long shank hook with a small round running sinker. So line tied directly to the hook with a running sinker. Using corn. But I didn't catch anything on that rod.

The other rod was my Alvey. So a swivel is needed but only because it is an Alvey. (side cast reels require a swivel to counter the line twist from casting). I was using worm (normal earth worms). Small sinker above the swivel and about 3 foot of line to the hook. This rod caught all of those fish.

I just cast and set. That is the bait is sitting on the bottom with "strike alert" on and drag off.

The hook size was "that looks about right"....a little small. Two hooks were bent beyond repair, but still landed the fish. About 1cm across from shank to barb (what ever that is in 0/5 sizes) .

If you cannot get local advice, I would take a similar approach. Use corn on a set line and try different things on a second line...You only need a simple cheap hand line for your set line. Use your rod and reel to move around trying different baits and spots while your hand line is set.

Have you been able to find out what type of carp are in the area?

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
gnatsum289 2 years ago

personally I use a spin rod tighten the drag slightly tighter than you would normally use with a reasonably heavy sinker with a paternoster rig but make sure the hooks (I use a number 1) are able to get close to the ground use sweet corn or bread cast out if you know where there are troughs or holes they work better once I cast out I put just slight tension on the rod so that there is a slight bend in the end and when you feel a slight nibble resist the urge a proper bit will dislodge the sinker and you will know when to strike also look at the local shops what size hook they are selling if they have heaps of one size and a few around that size the most common size is most likely what the locals are buying and they are more familiar with the local fis. if I am fishing where I have not been before I always start by visiting local tackle shops good luck

Mark Totzke 2 years ago

Hi gnatsum,

that's some good advice, thank you.
I've watched a few people carp fishing around here.
It looks like you need a lot of patience

So I guess one thing that would be quite handy to have would be a rod holder.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
Larry Janousek 2 years ago

Here in Spokane, Washington, USA...we have an abundance of Large Scaled Grass Carp in one of the major lakes near me. ( Long Lake aka: Lake Spokane )..

This is the setup that I use on a regular basis when fishing for them exclusively.
Medium/Heavy Rod, 14# Spider Wire (blue line, purple box) 1/2 oz. Egg sinker, #2 Snap Swivel, 12-16" leader (14# spider wire ) #8 or #6 Trebel Hook, baited with Night Crawler & white or orange Power Bait dough.

Carp suck in the bait, not your traditional "bite", and be patient. Once u see your rod tip react, drop tip of your rod to create slack, once the line begins to move in the water, set the hook, allow some drag because the fish will pull hard and be dead weight on your rod...good luck

george wallace 2 years ago

I use canned corn for bait. The cheaper it is the better it is. Inexpensive canned corn is cut closer to the cob- making it larger(and tougher). It stays on the hook better.

itsaboat 2 years ago

Looks like we all agree...(we that know about these things)...corn is best for carp. Simple rig, nothing flash or special...So -

Have you catched a carp yet ????

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Mark Totzke 2 years ago

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to go carp fishing in Korea.

Now I'm in Germany and I have seen some pretty big carps cruising around in some lakes nearby.
But you need a fishing license to fish here and that's is not so easy to obtain.
I'm currently doing an online fishing course about all the German Fishing Laws and Regulations and next week an exam.
Afterwards I should be able to obtain a general fishing permit. With that general fishing permit I can then purchase daily or weekly fishing permits for each water I want to fish. Quite expensive to fish here and lots of bureaucracy.
On the plus side though the freshwater fishery seems quite healthy. Looking forward to head out when I finally get my permit.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 2 years ago

I see...So rather than finding a Korean girlfriend to translate for you, you chose to do a runner to Germany instead...I wonder what your missus is gunna think about that haha

I remember you talking in the past about how hard it is to get a permit in Germany (there would be a problem if I remembered you talking about it in the future)...

That is a good thing when you think about it. So when you do actually fish, you will know what fish you can and cannot catch (or keep). You will know all about bag limits and size limits etc, etc. I like that idea !!

One thing though...You do this online course and you might know more about fishing than I do....and that is scary

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
badbobby 2 years ago

Have caught many carp
when bass were refusing to cooperate
just buy a box of wheaties
grab a handful and add a lil water until you can make a small ball of the wheaties
fish it on the bottom
carp are bottom feeders
let him have the bait
then set your hook and hang on
they are real fighters

Dannyboi 2 years ago

Hi I woul use a size 6 or 8 kurved shank hook with a pop up on a ronnie rig there easy to make look it up good luck ,tightlines

Ross Kilpatrick 1 year ago

Hello I live in Australia and had a 28 acre property with a river frontage. I bought a Daiwa bait caster in Singapore and when I got home put a Tassie Devil lure on just to practice casting. First cast went well so well I hooked a carp it was a surprise.

Mark Totzke 1 year ago

Hi Ross,

That's amazing. Are you sure it was a carp?
Never heard of a carp taking a lure, except artificial corn or other carp bait immitations.
Was it properly hooked on its mouth?

There's also a different species of carp that start out life as plant eaters and later in life turn into hunters and then can be caught on lures.
Not sure if you have those in Australia. They are called Asp.


a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
Ross Kilpatrick 1 year ago

Hello Mark yes was a European Carp mouth hooked.
Caught plenty on bread using a foam bobby cork float and a leader but only one on a lure.
My farm was at Two Mile Flat on the Cudgegong River near Gulgong Central West NSW.
I got a few Silver Perch and released them.

Here is a picture of the spot nice and cool and shady and I got more bites from the local Mozzies than the fish.
A previous owner told me he once caught a good Brown Trout here but I wasn't that lucky.
Have a good Christmas and catch something.

itsaboat 1 year ago

I drove through Gulgong once about 30 years

I have never heard of a carp being caught on a lure before.

I have never heard of asp carp. So good chance they are not in Australian waters...yet !!

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Ross Kilpatrick 1 year ago

Same here never heard of an ASP. Think Cleopatra knocked herself off with one of these devils.
Here is a Youtube clip from Rod N Paddle using small soft plastic bug lure on a light jig head

Dannyboi 1 year ago

Carp will eat just about anything tbh

gds 1 year ago

Here in the US fly fishing for carp is done much the same as fly fishing for bone fish in the Florida keys and other areas where they are found. There are fly patterns that have been developed just for carp and bone fish patterns such as Gotcha and crazey charlie work well.